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How to Heal an Addiction

Eutaptics© and addiction

Those lucky people among us who don’t battle with any kind of addiction struggle to understand why certain behaviours are so hard to give up. Why would anyone want to pump their lungs full of smoke, especially when they know they’re undermining their health?

Why would anyone want to stick a needle in their arm without a local anesthetic?

I used to be a smoker, so I can certainly relate to nicotine addiction. I would walk to the shop in the rain to spend my last $$s on a packet of smokes when I was younger. It was not a logical choice; it was a compulsion.

So why do people become addicts?

It could be alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling or even food. Addiction is usually an avoidance behavior (displacement). We use the addiction to get rid of unpleasant feelings. As an example, we drink alcohol to release stress. Does it work? Yes. Is it a good stress reduction technique? Not in the long term.

Unfortunately addiction is tough to overcome. Even though it seems counter-intuitive, our subconscious mind reinforces the addictive behaviour, urging us to continue the habit even though it’s probably going to kill us. The subconscious mind perceives change as dangerous and this is why habits are so hard to reverse.

The best way to fight addiction therefore is to find a pathway into the subconscious and suggest to it that we are safe to let this addiction go. One effective way of doing this is called Eutaptics© (also known as Faster EFT). Eutaptics© directly addresses the subconscious mind and gently removes the fear of the unknown or, “Who will I be without this addiction?”

The best way to illustrate this is with an example – for instance, “I don’t want to be a smoker.”

Then ask yourself, “How do I know?” The answer could be several things. “I know it’s bad for my health.” “Tobacco costs too much.” “My friends tell me I smell of smoke,” etc…

Can you remember any situations that support these statements? Maybe you woke up one morning after a heavy night of smoking and your chest felt heavy and you couldn’t stop coughing. Maybe one of your parents died of a smoke-related disease. Or perhaps you really needed a packet of cigarettes, but you didn’t have enough money.

Or perhaps you’re just sick of feeling like a slave to the habit.

Write down all the unpleasant memories you have about smoking, the more the better. These memories are what’s keeping the habit alive. Yes I know it’s a physical addiction too, but the psychological and emotional addiction is what we’re addressing here, and it’s every bit as powerful!

Go through this list of memories using the Eutaptics© tapping protocol and tap until the memory loses its emotional power. This may take several rounds. As new memories come to the surface, write them down and tap on these too. Don’t worry if the emotion associated with the memory seems to intensify at first; this is quite common and may be due to uncovering another layer of the problem.

Just as a reminder, the Eutaptics© basic protocol works as follows:

Go into the memory and really feel it. Where in the body can you notice the unpleasant sensations? Usually it’s in the throat, the solar plexus or the stomach.

Give the feeling a rating, where 10 is extreme and 0 is no emotion at all.

Take two fingers and start to tap on the inner eyebrow point four or five times. Concentrate on the sensation of your fingers tapping your face. Don’t think of the memory, just relax.

Then repeat the tapping on the side of the eye, underneath the eye and finally on the collar-bone point, just under those little bones under the neck.

Now hold your wrist, take a deep breath, right down into the stomach and hold while thinking of a pleasant memory. It could be a sunny beach, a tranquil stream – anything that makes you feel good. Breathe out slowly and say, “Peace.”

It will help if you have a pleasant memory ready to use for this last stage.

Go back to the original memory. Is the emotion less intense? If not, don’t worry. You may have to repeat the tapping a few times; maybe even for a few days in a row. If you persist, you will find relief.

As these memories lose their negative emotions, replace them with good memories. Practice the good memories frequently.

Curing addiction may not happen overnight, it will require some time and effort. But where else could you find a no-cost way to free you of your debilitating addiction once and for all?

This YouTube video goes into more detail about addiction and how to replace the bad memories with good ones using Faster EFT –

Although we have concentrated on how to overcome addictions with Eutaptics© here, it can be used for any life situation – finances, relationships and just about anything else. Just be persistent, and if new memories arise, tap on these too. Eventually you’ll find the addiction losing its grip.

Happy tapping!
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay