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Natural and holistic health and wellness is more than just the absence of disease
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How can we achieve natural health?

Our bodies have their own defense and healing mechanism. This is called the immune system. In a healthy body, the immune system attacks pathogens such as bacteria and viruses before they have a chance to cause a disease.
If a person’s body is in homeostasis (balance), their immune system will work perfectly to prevent disease. If a disease does develop, the immune system will fight it and restore health. It does this without the use of medical drugs, although some help from nature’s “pharmacy” of herbs and plants will certainly help the process.

What about conventional medicine?

Conventional (allopathic) medicine treats the symptoms of the disease without looking for the cause. It treats the body as a compilation of different parts. Conventional medicine does provide the answer for certain conditions. For instance broken bones are mended by surgery, but it’s the body’s own healing power that then takes over and repairs the break, together with any disruptions caused by the surgery.

To properly operate, the immune system has to be in good working order. We can achieve this with good nutrition, exercise and the right supplements to withstand the damage our chemical filled world inflicts on us.
What’s the main difference between natural and conventional medicine?

The answer in a few words is, natural health promotes wellness, conventional medicine attempts to heal disease.

“The natural healing force within us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates – (c.460-377 BC). If Hippocrates had it figured out so many centuries ago, how have we strayed so far off that path? The answer is simply – money, and the greed of governments and the pharmaceutical companies.

However I think both natural and conventional medicine are important, so looking for an integrative doctor (who combines the wisdom of both) would be a smart move.

I’ve always been passionate about the natural way of healing, as our bodies are always attempting to heal. So why not give them the opportunity to do so? We can do this by providing them with a good diet, restful sleep, and exercise to drive away nagging pains and to feel energetic and happy.