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natural health booksNatural health books have always been a passion of mine. I have probably read over two hundred books on natural and holistic health over the last few years, but have only recently started publishing my own.

Holistic health is not new. Some of its teachings and treatments have been known for many hundreds of years. Unfortunately with the advent of modern medicine in the nineteenth century, much of its wisdom has been pushed aside, replaced by newer drugs and medications which, in some cases, work a lot faster.

There are, however, drawbacks to these “instant fixes” of today; some have unpleasant side effects, while many only serve to cure the symptoms of disease, while leaving the cause untreated. What happens then, of course, is the symptoms often re-appear.

Gradually over the last few years, interest in natural and herbal remedies has re-emerged, thanks in part to Chinese medicine (which has never lost its ancient wisdom), and also due to the internet which has made it easier to access all types of knowledge, both old and new.

So isn’t there enough information “out there” without me adding my books to the clutter? Most probably, but my approach is to put my knowledge of natural medicine into a simple form which everyone can understand. These books are the result of many years of research, study and sifting through piles of information to bring straightforward and actionable knowlege to everyone. Some has also been taken from experience, both my own and my clients.

At the moment the library is small – just one book published. The next one has been started and will be released later this year.

I hope you enjoy learning how to improve your health. There will be books by other authors featured here too that I have read and enjoyed.

3 Thoughts on “Natural Health Book Publishers

  1. Great idea Wendy – I look forward to watching your site grow

  2. Vitaliy on July 25, 2013 at 4:00 pm said:

    Hey Wendy, love the page! As someone who at one time was obsessed with holistic health, I can totally relate to many of the points you made here. I still look to many holistic methods to treat/cure many conditions. In fact, I owe most of my health accomplishments to holistic alternatives :)

  3. I love the natural health niche! Will be following this blog!

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